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Here are some of the things that clients have said about working with Martyn…

nas-logo“The impact Martyn had, was to get the whole team to understand and recognise the key challenges that we face, and how we should all work together differently to tackle them”

“Any organisation that recognises it’s got a need to change, to be more sustainable and fit for the future, and has people who are prepared to be challenged and open minded, will have a really successful working relationship with Martyn. And he’s good fun!”

Mark Lever, CEO, National Autistic Society

“The impact Martyn has had, is that we have a very clear plan of what we need to do, we feel much more confident in the commercial space. We have secured some contracts, we have been earning some income. I’m really excited about the potential, which is credit to Martyn.”anthony nolan

Henny Braund, CEO, Anthony Nolan

“We’ve been through a robust process to explore what’s actually possible… it’s ambitious but I feel confident it’s achievable. When it becomes difficult, Martyn is very supportive, but he keeps you on track. I recognise he is the expert.”

Nic Alderson, Operations and Patient Services Director, Anthony Nolanmencap

“Martyn, in three hours we moved light-years forward. Great model and great thinking”

Jan Tregelles, CEO, Royal Mencap Society

“I’brooked like to extend a huge thank you to Martyn who has supported me in leading this process, and using his excellent facilitation skills, has helped engage so many staff and trustees in the strategic discussion; he has also given me support in preparation for meetings and summarising discussions, which has been an enormous help. Martyn challenged my thinking, he’s confident and hugely experienced and I’ve enjoyed enormously working with him.”

Petra Ingram, CEO, The Brooke

skills for care“Martyn has this ability to unpick things, to hold up a mirror, and to move people on as well as the decisions. We ended up with a piece of work that was really thoughtful, really useful and really energising for people. We couldn’t have done that in a really short timescale without Martyn’s support.”

Oonagh Smyth, CEO, Skills for Care

carers uk“What really impressed me about Martyn was he had such a deep knowledge of our sector but he also brought real commercial understanding. We’ve seen a financial uplift in a very short space of time, which is incredibly gratifying. We will definitely be engaging Martyn again.”

Madeleine Starr, Business Development Director, Carers UK

“Martyn, great to work with you, and thanks for all your help and guidance”

Sense_logoGill Morbey, CEO Sense

“Thank you Martyn, great engagement and we achieved a lot in a short time. Thank you for your support and for keeping us focused”

Kris Murali, CFO, Sense

sendirect-logo“I cannot believe the progress we’ve made in the last 6 months. Working with you has given me a structure and methodology around which to make confident decisions. It has been brilliant to have a robustly critical friend who isn’t afraid to say when they are not convinced, it has pushed me to do better and to adapt and change when things aren’t working. Your support has put us in a strong position to make thousands of families lives measurably better. Thankyou.”

Elizabeth Archer, Project Director, SENDirect

NHS1“Martyn is a very perceptive and a clear thinker. He was able to develop real rapport with people in the organisation so that he got under the skin very quickly. His insight was first rate, and the work he did for us was of the highest order. I would have no hesitation in working with Martyn again or recommending his work.”

Steve Wragg, Chairman, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

nas-logo“Martyn, thanks for all your help this year. You challenged us and supported us in just the right measure. You shone a spotlight on some important truths and helped us bust some obstructive myths. You made a hell of a difference”

Alistair Graham, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, National Autistic Society

“Having Martyn help us develop our selling skills was an amazing investment. It’s already paid for itself 5x over in just 10 weeks.”

Sharron McIndoe, Head of Training and Consulting, National Autistic Society

CESA Logo“I would like to say a personal thank you for your professionalism and input into the strategy for CESA. It has been an efficient and effective process and a real pleasure working with you”

Keith Warren, Director, Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

CAF_Logo“Martyn, thanks for the meeting today. Everyone seemed really enthusiastic and I’m excired to see what we come up with next week”

Amanda Batten, CEO, Contact a Family

skills for care“Martyn has helped us recognise that we can stay true to our values and generate money. There is a place and time when you do need someone from outside the organisation to help you change direction. We knew where we wanted to get to, we thought we knew how to get there, but now I see we didn’t. We do now.”

Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care

Trent College“Martyn is not only a wise professional … but also a great teacher. He led our team towards clear objectives, through appropriate activity and with great pace and challenge. He opened our eyes to the bigger picture, so that we would be able to reach better decisions. His ability to simplify and to get to the nub of it was thoroughly impressive.”

Gill Dixon, Head Teacher, Trent College

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