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Free support and advice:

All of the content and advice on this site is completely free, as are most of the webinars and events that I host. To find out about all of these as soon as they are announced or published, simply subscribe to the Profit on Purpose newsletter here. You are welcome (and encouraged) to access and use as much of it as you can.

If there are specific topics which aren’t covered, and which you’d like advice on, please e-mail me your question at and I will publish your anonymised question and my specific advice in the blog, or I will link you to other resources and organisations who can help.

Higher levels of support:

To break through barriers and accelerate your progress, we offer three levels of private mentoring as well as accelerated team development for earned income.

For high value, high impact and strategic level engagements, we provide comprehensive and dedicated consultancy, customised around the needs of the project and the existing capabilities of your team. Each project must have a compelling value case and ROI – if you haven’t got one, we’ll work one up. I have no interest whatsoever in taking your money unless I am convinced that you will get at least a 5x return in-year. I will provide you with options for the levels of investment and support so you can choose which best suits your needs, and once we’ve agreed a fee for the project, I will work with you until it is completed. No if’s, no but’s. For more on how this works, click here.

What to do next:

I don’t bite – ask around. If you’re unsure, but you think you might benefit from help, just drop me a line or give me a call. I’ll happily give you my opinion on your best route forwards. After that, it’s up to you.

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