CEO Breakfast Seminars

Breakfast SeminarOur twice-yearly, invitation-only seminars are simply the only place where the CEOs of the UK’s largest charities come together in intimate groups to share their insights and experiences around some of the sector’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

Attendance is typically capped at 14-16 CEOs to ensure everyone gets heard, and gets what they need from the session.

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Previous topics have included:

  • Strategic Innovation: for earned income and social impact
  • Planning your end game: six ways to accelerate your mission
  • The agile organisation: how to thrive in turbulent times
  • Income diversification: how to rapidly grow commercial income
  • Commercial capabilities: how to build them quickly and comprehensively
  • Empowered organisation: developing leadership at all levels
  • Culture change: how to professionalise and commercialise your team
  • Commercial income: generating sustainable trading surplus
  • Modernisation: overcoming the barriers to change
  • Collaboration and consolidation: catalysing M&A opportunities

What previous attendees have said:

“Thoughtful, credible leaders addressing tough stuff with open minds” Peter Wanless, CEO, NSPCC

“Very stimulating discussion with peers. Thank you very much!” Barbara Frost, CEO, WaterAid

“This will help me improve my organisation” Simon Morris, CEO, Jewish Care

“Valuable time out to discuss challenging issues in a stimulating peer environment” James Blake, CEO, Youth Hostel Association

“Educational and insightful at many levels” Sally de la Bedoyere, CEO, Blue Cross

“Great opportunity to refesh your thinking and make that one invaluable connection” Irene Sobowale, CEO, The Disabilities Trust

“Great way of active learning, supporting your own career development and networks” Catherine Johnstone, CEO, Royal Voluntary Service

“Opportunity to explore with serious peers, serious questions in a warm, positive and genuinely supportive setting” Martin Houghton-Brown, CEO, Saint John Ambulance

“Very thoughtful and thought-provoking session. A great blend of input and facilitation.”, Paul Breckell, CEO, Action on Hearing Loss

“Very informative and challenging discussions with very knowledgeable peers” Campbell Robb, CEO, Shelter

“Great opportunity to gain an insight into the experience of other CEOs” Mark Castle, CEO, Victim Support

“A rare opportunity to think about an important organisational issue with a peer group of CEOs” David Holmes, CEO, Family Action

“Very stimulating. Great mix of ideas, tools and analysis from Martyn” Jonathan Senker, CEO, Voiceability

“Very interesting discussion. Went away with new ideas” Dr Jane Collins, CEO, Marie Curie

“Good honest high level debate with peers” Henny Braund, CEO, Anthony Nolan

“Invaluable chance to think deeply about what’s important with colleagues who understand” Gordon Seabright, CEO, Eden Project

“I really enjoyed the breakfast seminar, good format”, Jacob Tas, CEO, Nacro

“Have a clear head, this is high protein” Nick Caplin, CEO, Blind Veterans UK

“Stimulating discussion, really relevant topics, valuable time out” Oonagh Aitken, CEO, Volunteering Matters

“Really useful breakfast, thank you”, Caroline White, CEO, Youth Hostel Association

“Valuable insights and engaging discussion. Well worth getting out of bed early for!”, Amanda Batten, CEO, Contact a Family

I found the seminar very useful, particularly your views from the commercial sector”, Caroline Stevens, CEO, KIDS

“Spend time thinking about the most profound questions facing you and your organisation” Gordon Seabright, CEO, Eden Project

“Thought-provoking discussion which helped identify gaps in my thinking but provided confidence in my direction of travel”, Petra Ingram, CEO, Brooke

“Great to hear the experiences of others on some of the challenges I face”, Dalton Leong, CEO, The Children’s Trust

“Great opportunity to pause and reflect with others facing similar challenges”, Kieron Boyle, CEO, Guys and St Thomas Charity

“A small group of highly skilled peers and a well presented and facilitated discussion”, Carol Homden CBE, CEO, Coram

“An interesting, thought-provoking discussion with a great group of CEOs” David Holmes, CEO, Family Action

“Very good to hear from really high level and quality people who have the same problems and challenges” Campbell Robb, CEO, Shelter

“Thank you for facilitating such an interesting and valuable discussion”, Paul Breckell, CEO, Action on Hearing Loss

“Excellent conversation sharing insights on issues in a seminar / workshop style” Sally de la Bedoyere, CEO Blue Cross

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