Why this site exists:

SEUK_we_support_badge_350x148Profit on Purpose is an online resource dedicated to enabling commercially-minded professionals and organisations in the charity and non-profit sectors to achieve their full potential.

NCVO_member15_logo_colourIt was set up by Martyn Drake, founder of Binley Drake Consulting, in response to an increasing number of requests from clients in the sector, to bring in leading business thinking and blue-chip business expertise to their organisations.

The philosophy of this site reflects the belief that, while fundraising and grants will always have a central role to play in charity, commercial income (earned, traded, business development, call it what you will) can offer significant advantages in certain situations. The resources on this site are here to help you access those advantages.

To join the Commercial Charity community, simply sign up for the regular newsletter, and stay up to date with articles, interviews and all manner of useful information.

Specific areas and ways in which Martyn and others can support you directly, are all explained here.

You should probably know that the way Martyn works is very different to most consultants.

If you just want to stay in touch, you can connect with Martyn on LinkedIn here or you can follow him on Twitter here

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