Learning Groups

Learning group - sMartyn’s Learning Groups are unique, tailored and facilitated learning and growth experiences, for small peer groups of CEOs and high-performing senior executives within the sector.

Groups typically comprise six to nine people, each of whom is committed to a minimum of six months membership of the group, extendable by common consent for as long as participants feel it is valuable (average running length is around 15-18 months).

What you get:

The value group members describe getting from their participation typically includes:

  • “Powerful insights from other organisations and leaders who are meeting similar challenges with often radically different solutions”
  • “Incredible support, inspiration and challenge from a completely objective and highly experienced peer group who intuitively understand”
  • “Strengthened and extended networks of close, trusted contacts and collaborators across the sector”
  • “Half a dozen really sharp minds, ready and willing to give me their perspectives on my big decisions”
  • “Regular access to Martyn, his breadth of expertise, and his invaluable insights and advice”
  • “The cadence and enforced discipline to create the time and space to think strategically and differently, outside of my organisation”

What it entails:

The group ultimately selects its own members, sets its own agenda, meets as often and for as long as it likes, and I support it however and whenever the group wants me to. Typically what that means is:

  • I help you connect with others in the community who are interested in the experience, and who I think would be a good match for you. It’s ultimately your collective decision who to include and whether to go ahead, but I’ll give you a my best advice and make connections for you.
  • I’ll recommend the format and content of the initial sessions. Most groups start with sessions of around an hour every one or two weeks; some prefer to begin with a longer first session.Most sessions are online for mutual conveninence, but occasional in-person sessions (pandemic permitting) can easily be organised.
  • Before the first session I’ll ask you to provide some “about me” background to share, and some top priority topics you want to explore, and I’ll schedule the initial agendas accordingly.
  • I’ll generally begin the first few sessions with a short exercise or a framework to help navigate the topic, and then stimulate, prompt and facilitate the conversation, add my own insights and challenge, and ensure each participant gets maximum personal value from the call.
  • As the group finds its feet and participants get to know each other, conversations will go deeper, new common challenges and topics will emerge, and we will typically move into “deep-dive” or “case-study” sessions on topics and issues to accelerate learning and insight development.
  • Throughout the programme the group can change format, add in sessions, challenge me with questions, issues and new topics as much as it wants.
  • In parallel with the in-person sessions, I’ll also provide a virtual on-line channel for 24/7 conversation with me and with each other outside the meetings, for urgent questions and help, further information sharing and ongoing dialogue on any topics you want to cover.
  • Halfway through each cycle I’ll also do 1:1 confidential reviews with each participant to ensure the process is working for them, and suggest any tweaks or changes that might benefit the group.

Fee to join a learning group is £900 per person, per calendar quarter, with a minimum six-month commitment to begin with. If you are interested in joining or forming a group, just let me know, and we can have a brief chat to identify interests, outcomes, and some of the people that might best fit with you.