Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover a broad range of needs, from strategy development, to organisational improvement, to earned income and business development.

If you need support with any of these, you’re in the right place:

  • Redefining your mission, role, scope of operations and strategy
  • Increasing your organisation’s ambition, reach and impact
  • Developing clear strategic thinking and rapid decision-making capabilities
  • Adopting a distinctive, compelling and profitable position in your market
  • Improving your capacity to innovate and take thoughtful, measured risks
  • Refining, focusing and increasing the profitability of your current activities
  • Improving your ability to build purposeful partnerships and alliances
  • Developing alignment and a clear sense of purpose within your organisation
  • Creating a sharp focus on what’s important,clearing out noise and distraction
  • Dramatically increasing revenue and profit from commercial (earned) income
  • Identifying and bringing to market highly differentiated products and services
  • Developing professional and commercial capabilities and processes
  • Achieving excellence in product and service design and in front-line execution
  • Building an empowered and proactive leadership culture
  • Embedding commercial and professional behaviours through the organisation

Low-cost light-touch:

To break through barriers and accelerate your progress, there are a range of options for cost-effective support that we can provide through our advisory and mentoring programmes.

High-value high-ROI:

Where there’s more value at stake, I provide comprehensive and dedicated consultancy, customised around the needs of the project and the existing capabilities of your team. Each project must have a compelling value case and ROI – if you haven’t got one, we’ll work one up. I have no interest whatsoever in taking your money unless I am convinced that you will get at least a 5x return on investment. I will provide you with options for the levels of investment and support so you can choose which best suits your needs, and once we’ve agreed a fee for the project, I will work with you until it is completed. No if’s, no but’s. For more on how this works, click here.

What to do next:

I don’t bite – ask around. If you’re unsure, but you think you might benefit from help, just drop me a line or give me a call. I’ll happily give you my opinion on your best route forwards. After that, it’s up to you.