YMCA New CEO Resources

Resources from the New CEO Development programme…

Use the links below to download content from the programme.

Core Workshop 1 25th March 2022 (Newcastle, Co. Down): Strategy

Slide deck: YMCA – Strategy and Planning slides

Core Workshop 2 5th April 2022: Governance

Slide deck: YMCA – Governance slides

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Membership Agreement Oct 2019

Challenge 21

Core Workshop 3 3rd May 2022: Community

Slide deck: YMCA – Community Development slides

Core Workshop 4 14th June 2022: Growing income

Slide deck: YMCA – Income generation slides

Core Workshop 5 13th September 2022 (London): Team, empowerment, and culture

Slide deck: YMCA – Team, Empowerment and Culture slides

Core Workshop 6 25th October 2022: Becoming the “go-to expert” organisation

Slide deck: YMCA – Go-To Organisation slides

Core Workshop 7 22nd November 2022 (London): Next Level Leadership

Slide deck: YMCA – Next Level Leadership slides