Commercial Charity Content

Commercial Charity landscape 1The Commercial Charity: how business thinking can help non-profits grow impact and income

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Introduction: A commercial journey

Chapter 1: The business of charity

  • The power of commerce
  • The morality of profit
  • The trends reshaping the sector
  • Finding your focus
  • The road to success

Chapter 2: Developing earned income

  • Inspiration, ideas and perspectives
  • Expanding from a successful base
  • Commercializing capabilities
  • Leveraging a charity brand
  • Beyond capability’s comfort zone

Chapter 3: Customer-centred models

  • Multi-sided business models
  • The untapped retail opportunity
  • Evolving an earned income ecosystem
  • The customer-centric strategy
  • Resolving the customer conundrum

Chapter 4: The business of social change

  • A theory of change
  • A shortcut to the insights
  • Scalable and self-sustaining
  • Raising investment for impact
  • Turning ideas into income

Chapter 5: Improving business performance

  • Finding the diamonds
  • Reassessing the business
  • Redefining your role
  • Developing differentiation
  • Changing the game

Chapter 6: A strategy for commerce

  • The power of ambition
  • Beginning with the future
  • Creating a focused agenda
  • Maximizing opportunities
  • Seven commercial essentials

Chapter 7: Keys to commercial success

  • Marketing demystified
  • Relationships built on value
  • Principles of ethical selling
  • Maximizing the value of the sale
  • The four-fold return on investment

Chapter 8: Leading the charge

  • Shaking off the cultural shackles
  • Crossing the capability chasm
  • The disciplines of agile delivery
  • The role of the leader

Epilogue: The charity of business

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