Webinar: Non-profit leadership

Leader - sNon- profit leadership: what it takes to be and to become an outstanding non-profit leader

Tues 14th December 2021 5pm to 6pm UK time (no fee)

The last 18 months has been a major test for leadership, from the top to the bottom of organisations right across the non-profit sector. At the same time, most of us have learned valuable lessons about ourselves and those around us, and about what our organisations and our people are capable of when the pressure is really on.

But that test is far from over: many of the pressures remain, many of the needs we aim to meet are continuing to increase while the money to meet them continues to erode, and all those expectations, of impact, inclusion, empowerment, flexibility and so forth, are only going to grow.

And so the question becomes: What are non-profit organisations going to need from their current and future leaders, in order to maximise their potential for good? And how do we develop ourselves, whether we’re experienced, novice, or aspiring leaders, to meet that need?

My guest for the opening webinar of the coming Winter-Spring season brings a global perspective to this question. Dr. Patton McDowell, host of the very popular “Path to Nonprofit Leadership” podcast, has worked with, taught, studied and interviewed non-profit leaders from across the USA and beyond. He and I will be discussing our observations and insights, taking questions as we go, and exploring the best ways we can think of to develop the non-profit leadership capabilities we will need in the future.

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for leaders from disparate organisations, to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and to learn new and better ways to drive their success. To book your place, simply drop me an email and I will register you and forward the Zoom details. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and those in your network whom you think might be interested.

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