Webinar: Strategies for a Changing World

Strategies for a Changing World: rethinking the role and structure of strategy in a world of uncertainty and change

13th July 5pm to 6pm (no fee)

The vast majority of the strategy development tools and practices we have today, were developed specifically for large, multinational businesses, competing in stable, predictable markets, in order to maximise their shareholder returns.

In contrast, most people developing strategies right now, are leading comparatively small, agile, perhaps mission-led organisations, operating in a shifting landscape of competition and collaboration, at a time of rapid change, constant innovation and extreme uncertainty.

The tools we have inherited were never designed for the context in which we are trying to use them. Now, more than ever, we need sophisticated, flexible, fit-for-purpose strategies, and there are far, far better ways to develop them.

In this lively seminar with Q&A throughout, you will hear from Martyn:

  • How to use change and uncertainty to your strategic advantage
  • Why we need to flip our thinking in times of rapid change
  • What the starting points should really be for strategy development
  • Where to find the big questions that will shape your future
  • When to open up, narrow down, and pivot to new directions

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for leaders from disparate organisations, to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and to learn new and better ways to drive their success.

To book a place, simply drop me an email and I will register you and forward the Zoom details. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and those in your network whom you think might be interested.

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