Webinar: Conflict and Courage

Conflict and Courage: how to turn conflict from a negative and stressful experience, to a positive and productive one

8th June 2021 5pm-6pm GMT (no fee)


Many of us have an aversion to conflict, but here’s the thing, conflict is often a prerequisite of great work, and working fluidly through high-conflict situations is an eminently learnable skill.

Conflict emerges inevitably whenever teams aspire to do more than their resources appear to allow, whenever they can imagine and create more opportunity than they can grasp, whenever they unapologetically demand the very best of themselves and each other.

As such, conflict is one of the few hallmarks I see in all high performing teams. It is not a “bad thing” to be avoided, quite the reverse. Teams that avoid all conflict eschew all hope of excellence.

So, how do we ensure conflict has a positive impact, rather than a negative one?
How do we get past our aversion, and embrace and positivise conflict to help raise our game?

To help shed some light on those questions, I’d like to invite you to join me in conversation and Q&A with Marlene Chism, author of various books including, “Stop Workplace Drama” and “No Drama Leadership”, for an insightful discussion on how we reframe conflict and reshape the situations that create it, in order to achieve better, more productive outcomes.

You will walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • How conflict arises and why, so often, it takes negative and stressful forms
  • How to look at the emergence of conflict in different ways, and to navigate it better
  • How to consistently redirect the drivers of conflict into a more positive and productive space

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for leaders from disparate organisations, to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and to learn new and better ways to drive their success.

To book a place, simply drop me a line and I will register you and forward the Zoom details. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and those in your network whom you think might be interested.

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