Break New Ground: Structured Advisory Support

Potential - sStructured advisory support:

Ideal if you or any member of your team is:

  • Looking to develop a new strategy or create big new plans
  • Thinking about change, transformation or working differently
  • Needing to guarantee delivery of programmes, initiatives or strategies
  • Starting out on innovation, service expansion, or new income development
  • Trying to build new external customer relationships, partnerships or alliances
  • Wanting to evolve or expand the mindset, culture or behaviours in the organisation
  • Shifting towards a more empowered, collaborative or agile mode of operation
  • Aiming to rapidly develop your, or their, skills and capabilities “on the job”
  • Engaging in a project or a piece of work outside of the comfort zone

My Structured Advisory support provides proactive advice and coaching around any or all of the above.

  • Topics may range from strategy creation to organisational transformation; from culture change to innovation, from agility to rapid commercial growth, and so on.
  • The aim is always to do more than simply support you to achieve a successful outcome; it is also to transfer the skills, insights and a deeper level of understanding, to build and enhance your capabilities as a leader of change for the future.
  • Each engagement begins with an “immersion” session for us both to fully explore the situation and context, review actions and progress to date, define the goals, process, priorities, frequency of interaction, outline plan, and all of the initial steps required to set you up for success.
  • This is followed by a core schedule of typically weekly or fortnightly conversations, depending on your needs.
  • You are welcome to record any or all of these calls, should you wish, and to invite up to two members of your team to join select calls if it would be helpful for you to do so.
  • In addition to the scheduled calls, this support also includes unlimited Sounding Board access for you personally, to me by email, phone, or video call for ad-hoc questions and issues arising, or to send me any documents for review and feedback, as often as you need.

This is proactive support, it provides cadence and momentum, anticipates what you need and the questions you should be asking, and keeps you on track with regular check-ins and reviews. I will challenge your thinking, offer new ideas and perspectives, different frameworks for thinking and action planning, and prepare you for success in each step of the process. Fee: £9,500 per quarter; £17,000 per half-year.

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