Webinar: Anti-Burnout

Anti-burnout - sSeminar (all welcome) – Anti-burnout: How to create a psychologically healthy and high-performance culture

23rd March 5pm to 6pm (no fee)


Nobody can be in any doubt that huge numbers of individuals and organisations have risen amazingly to the challenges that we have all lived through over the last twelve months. But neither can there be any doubt that many of us, and even more of our people, are now exhausted by it all. Some are walking along the edge of burnout; others have already stepped beyond it.

Yet, as we pass through the darkest months of the year, both literally and figuratively, there is hope that Spring and Summer will bring more than just warm days and flowers, but will herald a reopening of the economy and society, and a return to the freedoms we took for granted in the past.

Whether or not that turns out to be the case, the waiting is not yet over, and finding the energy to reboot, rebuild and restart, will require us to ask our people to step up once more, to pick up the baton with renewed pace and purpose. How do we manage this imperative to re-energise the wheels of our businesses, while managing the stresses and mental health of a workforce that has already been through so much?

To answer that question, I’d like to invite you to join me in conversation and Q&A with my long-time friend and colleague, psychologist and author of upcoming book Anti-Burnout, Dr Mike Drayton, for a thoughtful and insightful discussion on lockdown, energy and how to create a much more psychologically healthy, high-performance culture in your organisation.

Together, Mike and I will walk through the key psychological implications of coronavirus, the recent lockdowns, and the large-scale shift to home working. We will pick apart the effects this has had, and continues to have on organisational performance, and individual mental health. And we will explore how leaders and managers can build a much healthier working environment that will enable employees to find new levels of performance and satisfaction in their roles.

Throughout the conversation we will take questions, prompt conversations, and illustrate our insights and suggestions with simple frameworks and practical examples that you can take away and use immediately.

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for leaders from disparate organisations, to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and to learn new and better ways to drive their success.

To book a place, simply drop me a line and I will register you and forward the Zoom details. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and those in your network whom you think might be interested.

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