Webinar: positioning for strategic growth

Positioning for Growth - sHow to develop an incredibly compelling value proposition

23rd February 2021 5pm-6pm GMT (no fee)


As we move through what is hopefully the final phase of this pandemic, the future remains uncertain for may of us. The timing and profile of recoveries, the shape and direction of markets and demand in the post-Covid world, and how the financial implications will play out from Government, through the business and non-profit sectors, to the population as a whole in all its myriad demographic groups.

But within all that uncertainty, one thing we can count on is this: in whichever sectors and markets we participate, our customers and audiences will need, now more than ever, clear and compelling reasons, both practical and emotional, to engage with and spend their time and money with us, rather than on something or someone else. In the sea of online information, the constant chatter of social media, a market context more competitive and challenged than ever, how can your voice cut through the noise?

How can all those people that want it and need it, find their way to the value that only you can offer, and the outcomes that only you can deliver?

Join me, in conversation and Q&A, with strategic positioning expert Hamish McKenzie for a lively and insightful discussion on understanding the true value you provide, the compelling proposition you should be offering, and how to cut through to your audience by distinguishing yourself clearly and consistently from everyone else in your field.

You will walk away with a far deeper understanding of:

  • How to learn, understand and build your focus around deep customer outcomes
  • How to engage your audience far more effectively with your true value proposition
  • How to identify and refocus your efforts to reach the very best customers for your organisation

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for leaders from disparate organisations, to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and to learn new and better ways to drive their success.

To book a place, simply drop me a line and I will register you and forward the Zoom details. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and those in your network whom you think might be interested.

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