Webinar: unlocking your full potential

Lock - sAdopting and embedding “the best that you can be”

19th January 5pm to 6pm (no fee)

Since the start of the pandemic, almost a year ago, across the sector we have witnessed a whole new level of agility and responsiveness, a step change in decisive confidence, an increasingly pervasive “can-do” mentality, and a huge acceleration in the pace of change, systems rollouts, collaboration and problem solving at just about every level.

Covid may have been the catalyst, but it wasn’t the source of this phenomenon. The source was the vast untapped potential within our people that had never had the opportunity to show itself before.

As we move into another lockdown we will need those attributes to step up once again, but more than that: over the next three months there is, for all of us, the greatest window of opportunity for positive change that we may ever see. It is the opportunity to redefine our culture and our expectations, to build on what we’ve seen and achieved, to become the best that we’ve shown we can be, and more.

In this one-hour seminar, free to anyone in the charity sector, I will talk about what we can learn from our experiences over the last nine months, both good and bad; how you can postivively engage your people in that reflective process; and how you can collectively create the best solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, while uncovering and embedding those powerful emerging attributes of culture and behaviour, that will set you up to be far better and stronger for the future.

These seminars represent a rare opportunity for non-profit leaders to come together and step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of them, and how their organisations can take full advantage of them for the furtherance of their mission.

To register, simply e-mail me and I will send you the link and details to access the call. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues.

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