Ethical Selling Training

Selling - sUnique development experience for non-profit teams

Ethical selling training – 13th and 14th October
One and a half days of intensive technical and behavioural training with pre-work, homework and followed up with 30 days of individualised personal support from me.

Together we will:

  • Develop and refine your sales strategy, proposition and process
  • Define how you will efficiently and quickly identify, reach and qualify ideal buyers
  • Practice language for rapidly building initial rapport, confidence and trust
  • Hone techniques for shaping and guilding exploratory conversations to identify and draw out the most value-creating opportunities
  • Develop the skills and confidence to define solutions, build emotional commitment and form clear conceptual agreement with potential buyers
  • Create outlines for compelling, high-value proposals that will be accepted the majority of the time

The course will take place entirely virtually, in three half-day sessions spread over two days, with a small, intimate group and plenty of “air-time” for everyone. I will provide some preparatory reading and recommend further reading for those who want to go deeper. I will also provide a small amount of pre-work that will require completion in advance.

Following the core sessions, you will also have unlimited access to me for 30 days, for scheduled 1:1 coaching calls, ad-hoc questions and advice, meeting rehearsals, proposal reviews and so forth.

“Having Martyn help us develop our selling skills was an amazing investment. It’s already paid for itself 5x over in just 10 weeks.” Sharron McIndoe Head of Training and Consulting, National Autistic Society

“Bringing in sales people was not going to be the right thing to do. We needed to become experts in selling. You need people who can go out and have the right conversations and not be afraid.” Nic Alderson, COO, Anthony Nolan

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