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Growing earned income: how charities can sell higher-value, more impactful solutions that accelerate their mission

25th August 5pm to 6pm (no fee)

This webinar was recorded. Watch the recording below:

Very few charities talk about, or even use the word: “sales” outside of their retail operations, despite the fact that half of the sector’s turnover is earned income, very little of that is through retail, and every penny of it is entirely dependent on our ability to sell.

Why don’t we talk about sales?

We don’t talk about sales for three reasons. First, because many of us have a cynical and outdated perception of what sales is – drawn from movies, media and poor experiences in the commercial world – the word itself can leave a bad taste in the mouth. Second, because as charities we tend to feel, deep down, that we should be giving things away rather than making money from them.

And third, because we don’t know what good looks like: how we can sell ethically; how sales can be a valuable service in its own right; and how it can become, not only a selfless and noble pursuit, but a moral imperative for bringing about lasting change.

In this free, interactive webinar, I will share the principles, models and techniques of ethical selling: how it contrasts fundamentally with the “hard sell”, and why it is far easier to introduce and engage and far more effective in creating trusting, valuable, lasting relationships, and generating highly profitable, sustainable income streams.

I will share anonymised examples, give space for attendees to share their own challenges and successes, and take as many questions as you want to throw at me (or each other) throughout the hour.

This is a rare opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the opportunities in front of you, and how your organisation can take full advantage of them for the furtherance of your impact and mission.

To register, simply e-mail me and I will send you the link and details to access the call. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues.

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