Webinar: beyond the limits of interventions

Complexity - sBeyond the limits of interventions: how charities can recognise and embrace practices and principles of systems change to achieve population-level impact

15th September 5pm to 6pm (no fee)

Many of our organisations have wonderfully aspirational visions for a world in which those whom we exist to serve, have better lives within societies that are changed or adapted to meet their needs (or, at least, no longer actively disadvantage, discriminate against or continue to fail them).

But the reality beneath this vision is that, in most of our everyday work, all of our energy is focused by necessity on a relatively small slice of that population: limited numbers of individuals, cohorts or communities who we help improve their own situations within broader systems that often continue to work against them.

Research, and indeed our own experience, demonstrates that individual interventions are rarely sufficiently scaleable to solve population-level problems. So how do we resolve this disconnect between aspirational vision and quotidian reality?

In this free, interactive webinar, I will share the high-level models and mechanics currently emerging from complex systems theory, that can inform and shape real strategies for visionary societal change, creating impact beyond our own footprint by engaging, mobilising and building on the strengths of a much broader field of potential collaborators.

I will share examples of organisations who are beginning to use and embrace these models, what they’re finding and how they’re adapting them, and as always, I will create space for attendees to share their own challenges and successes, and take as many questions as you want to throw at me (or each other) throughout the hour.

This is a rare opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, to think more strategically about the missions and roles required to achieve your aspirational visions for change, in these complex, dynamic and far-reaching systems within which we have to work.

To register, simply e-mail me and I will send you the link and details to access the call. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues.

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